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Who is Indi? (previously introvertourist.com)

Your gal pal, the ISFP type. Growing up, I was always told “you are so quiet”, “what a calm and shy girl!”, “you don’t talk much”, “you are so expressionless” and often added with “just like your dad” – is being introverted hereditary?

I was born in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Although a big fraction of my life has been spent elsewhere and so far, I have moved back and forth 10 times throughout 4 different countries and 8 cities. Moving around since an early age was upsetting to the younger me, I had to constantly say goodbye to friends, move schools, re-adjust and win new friends. Being the new kid was always unpleasant, I received all the unwanted attention and found these very exhausting to the point where I couldn’t really bother anymore. I  accepted early on that I wasn’t the most outgoing as it drained me to initiate friendships because I knew I would eventually have to part ways with them (though I can thankfully say I still have many distant childhood besties). For many years, I felt like a loser who could never master the art of burning bridges and starting new. I had my chances to mold into new personas, to pretend to be the new cool kid in town and join the popular squad in each new cities and school, but I was always too careful in choosing whom I open up to and get close with.

It was not until my last year of University, where reality struck me hard. After 4 years of studying abroad in Sydney, it was almost time to come back home again. I realized that I was too content being in my own bubble and missed out on countless exciting student life. That was also when my adventurous spirit sparked in me, when I started to do things out of my comfort zone. From chatting up strangers on the bus stop, accepting invitations I wouldn’t normally go to, going out with new circle of friends, well basically saying yes to everything! (yes, socializing can be pretty scary for introverts). My change in attitude took me to the most unexpected situations, places and led me to meet the most treasured people of my life. I became addicted to the adrenaline rush of experiencing the new that I decided to go on a cultural exchange in Poland, a country so far away from home, and which I had zero knowledge of apart from it being in Europe and a flag that’s upside-down of Indonesia’s. Having experienced snow for the first time and fallen in love with the European countries I backpacked through, this tropical kid was bitten by the travel bug pretty dang hard.

— so this is how it all started folks, welcome to my journey! —

Why are you blogging if you claim to be an introvert?

For many many reasons! First, I feel that being introverted should not be seen as a limitation to anything. I have let my introversion stop me from doing certain things long enough. Second, I thought having a space to write my feelings out would do me good, I am usually un-opinionated or tend to keep everything locked up in my head, this is something I want to work on. Last and most importantly, I have always wished that I made the attitude change earlier. I know there are so many of us introverts and my only hope is to inspire just one human out there to take that leap and not let their introversion be in the way of achieving bigger and greater things in life.

What’s on Introvert Tourist?

I will be using this blog as a platform to share my travel journey (and improve my writing). I’m aware there are heaps of travel blogs out there in the blogosphere, but I believe everyone’s journeys are unique and interesting in their own way. My aim is to incorporate more travels into my life, to constantly stretch my perspectives, to learn from each human I encounter, to let my journeys shape me into a better person and to always be humbled by this wonderful world we live in. I want to go beyond touristy spots/activities and be more spontaneous on my trips, as I believe the most eventful or special encounters usually occur at the most unexpected places and time.

Work in Progress
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